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Text Analytics – Getting insights from text

Technology revolution is changing every aspect of the human life. Media and Marketing are no different. Among all the technologies that are contributing to the advancement, Data Science is at the forefront. As Text Data is being continuously generated and consumed in various formats and sizes from a number of varied sources, it is becoming an important asset to organizations. But this asset can be leveraged upon, only if stored, processed and analysed efficiently with the help of intelligent algorithms. There is a growing interest to utilize such data for the improvement of business, health, education, society, etc. There are many ways to process and analyse such data, covering broad techniques such as text visualisation, classification, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, etc. Effective applications of these techniques can give organisations valuable insights leading to competitive advantage, efficient service delivery and above all higher customer satisfacti…
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Data Science Courses 2017 from CDAC, Mumbai

Next series of Short-term courses on Data Science from CDACMumbai announced. Registration Open -

9 days of Demonetisation

Its over 9 days now:-
1. Most of the nearby ATMs are still dry.
2. Queues, although short from earlier days, are present.
3. Over 33 or so people have been lost. They could have still been there.
4. Number of rumours have been floated creating confusion and chaos among people. Social media is front runner in this act.
5. Bank staff is too occupied with the work, at times harassed also.
6. By every passing day, govt. announces new course correction which again falls to be inadequate.
7. Gramin bank in my hometown offers Rs. 10/- coins on withdrawl. It is still waiting for new currency.
8. Money hoarder employ people in line to convert their money, thus exploiting the system. We have to ink our own people.
9. Rs. is in free fall. Market loosing... Retailers without exchange...
10. Through media, its is very hard to know how biased it is in reporting.
11. Opposition, as usual, is involved in playing trumphet.
12. Govt. is juggling.
What was the actual planning? What was govt. thinki…

Why surge pricing scheme of Railways in premium trains is a visionary idea?

From today, India Railway is going to apply Flexi Pricing Scheme (As I understand it is Surge Pricing Scheme actually.) in premium trains like Rajdhani, Dooranto and Shatabdi. As usual Indian Public and Opposition leaders are shouting, crying here and there. But they don't understand its a very visionary scheme that will provide long-term advantage. Believe me. If not, look at following benefits, you will understand:

Railway want you should not travel more. Its not healthy.15 day leaves that you take to go your home town once in a year will be saved if you don't travel.When you don't take leave, will remain in office. This will also enhance your productivity.If you don't travel, your expenses will curtail and you will ultimately save money.The money you save, you will either invest somewhere or spend in the market. This is beneficial to all sectors.When there will be less people in trains or no people at all, maintenance expenses of railway will come down. This will al…

Kishore Kumar - He was the only one and will remain only one

Some experts from Kishore's interview with Pritish Nandy published in 1985 in Illustrated Weekly. Interview on
PN: People would have thought you crazy. In fact they already do. KK: Who said I’m crazy. The world is crazy; not me. PN: Why do you have this reputation for doing strange things? KK: It all began with this girl who came to interview me. In those days I used to live alone. So she said: You must be very lonely. I said: No, let me introduce you to some of my friends. So I took her to the garden and introduced her to some of the friendlier trees. Janardhan; Raghunandan; Gangadhar; Jagannath; Buddhuram; Jhatpatajhatpatpat. I said they were my closest friends in this cruel world. She went and wrote this bizarre piece, saying that I spent long evenings with my arms entwined around them. What’s wrong with that, you tell me? What’s wrong making friends with trees? PN: Nothing. KK: Then, there was this interior decorator-a su…

R – your tool for data analysis

R‬ is a language and environment for Statistical Computing and Graphics. R provides a free/open source, cross­-platform, object-oriented environment to perform data analysis and visualisation tasks. Strength of R lies in its vibrant community, robust package repository and strong graphics capabilities. ‪ R provides all necessary tools required for various stages of a data analysis project. It provides techniques for data acquisition and processing as well as for data analysis and visualisation. It ranges from accessing data in various formats (CSV, XML…) to all possible ways of data manipulation (tabulation, aggregation…)to rich support for graphics (histogram, box plot etc.) to statistical models (regression, ANOVA…). It is not always necessary to use built-in and supported functions and packages. Depending on the requirements, one can also develop his/her own functions, scripts and packages. Recently, CDAC Mumbai has announced a 3-day course on R entitled “Using R for D…